Abe Rocks

Lincoln 1

Yes…we saw the Lincoln movie…and it was pretty awesome. I grew up in Illinois, so I have seen his log cabin…the stump where he split logs…his house in Springfield…his outhouse in Springfield, and of course the tomb where he is enshrined. But the Memorial on the Mall in DC is a favorite for many…and with good reason. It is a powerful place. History remembered, and made, on this spot. So here are some shots from our last walk-around in DC a couple of months back.

Lincoln 2

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2 thoughts on “Abe Rocks

  1. My favorite monument from the moment I laid eyes on it. For me, Lincoln was and continues to be the most polarizing and powerful figure of all time. Thank you for sharing your photograph and thoughts.

    • So appreciative of your perspective, Mary. Since I grew up around Lincoln-stuff, sometimes I take for granted that everyone feels it…knows it. Then I remember…probably not! So when Doris Kearns Goodwin, Speilberg et. al. and the incredible monument remind us how much we owe to this person, I can’t help but feel thankful and humbled. (clearly the movie was fiction tho because legislation actually passed in congress ;-)

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