that kind of day

It felt like a black & white day in nyc. Like you would give almost anything for a drop of sunshine and shelter from a relentless late winter wind. I trained into the city, yesterday, to attend a presentation from Canon and B&H on the hyper and beautiful technology of digital cinema. That the presentation was held at the Directors Guild of America Theater should have told me I was outclassed … over my head in deep technological waters…but I hung-in and was rewarded. The camera I aspire to, the 5D Mark III, is the successor to the Mark II…and the guy who shook the photography/cinema world with that camera was there to talk about it all. For me and many others, that was cool.

But before that, I had a day to walk the streets of Manhattan with my more humble Canon. Hardy street musicians, some doubtlessly driven by necessity, provided the soundtrack to my day. I heard Miles D. and Charlie P. and celtic fiddle…. I walked 7 or 8 miles…and gave away all of my dollar bills.

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4 thoughts on “that kind of day

  1. Some of your best shots, Darin. Love your use of light in the black and whites.. Lots of favorites here but I’m always drawn to the timelessness of stone and the weathering process…so the stone steps is my pick of the day. Thanks.

  2. A great city snapshot, and there are so many to be had in NYC.

  3. Thanks Mike! We will be in your part of the world later this year and I have been browsing back through your posts for ideas on where to take my camera. We do love NY…but we really looking forward to our visit there!

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