hello darkness, my old friend…

darkness my old friend

It was dark when I came out of the theater. When I walk alone in nyc, especially at night, I am alone with a few million others. It’s a soft bubble in which I move. City sounds seem underwater as I take my emotional universe out for a walk like the dog. “Sounds of Silence” imaginings follow quickly and I get folded into a past not my own…what it must have been like for a couple of jewish teens hanging out in Greenwich Village in 60’s New York.  Smokey black and white interiors.  Art.  Fame.  War.  Glory and hurt and isolation. I can see all around me – where the lyrics came from. Like ghosts. There is a lightening intensity about it all.

I have 25 blocks to walk. Earbuds in, and I dial-up a Paul Simon playlist on the iPhone oracle. Thankful for the company of my imaginary friends, I put one foot in front of the other.



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