doing the right thing

Breedlove AN250:CR

I already feel bad. I haven’t even sold it yet, but the decision is made. It needs a better home…one where it gets to play more. I have my share of guitars, so this is certainly not “the day the music died.” But I do love this Breedlove. It is a beautiful thing.

I know this is a photography blog. So why a screenshot of a guitar that is going away? The answer is that I am not patient enough to be a good photographer of guitars…too much cleaning and polishing and lighting, then macro this and macro that. But there was an inquiry, so I took a few pictures to send. And once the shots were up on my screen…I found myself keeping them up on my screen just to enjoy them. Infatuated all over again. So, it was a moment…now it’s a blog post.

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One thought on “doing the right thing

  1. I know the feeling. A move to living lighter on the face of the earth.

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