So, my wonderful son is studying in Japan. We video chat a few times a week and oftentimes he enjoys wowing me with his triumphs in statistical and demographic modeling. These things, he knows, hurt my brain. (I cried over my flashcards in grade school and was later driven deeply into the study of the humanities to avoid such pain.) I can tell that he knows it hurts because of the slight curl of his lip into a smile as he talks (thanks videochat!). My only defense is to push back with some unrelated mystery-of-the-universe question that neither of us know the answer to (but i get credit for being able to ask the question.)

My most recent defense came out like this…”Here is a question for you (smartypants!)  (i didnt say “smartypants,” but he knew what i meant)…If you hold a word up in front of a mirror, the letters are reversed, right? So, if you capture the reflected reversed word in a snapshot, will it read normally if you flip the photo?”

Now that I have actually typed-out this father/son silliness for the masses, it is uncertain how credit-worthy the question was…but in the moment, it was my defense.

Deep in the photo archives are snapshots I was taking out of terrible boredom while waiting for my wonderful daughter to come out of a store. (Seriously…I thought she was never coming out.) It occurred to me, this morning, that those snaps could hold the key to my mystery. So, I’m sorry for getting all wordy on you…but it just goes to show you…the answer is out there!

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2 thoughts on “(face4word)

  1. My foot is tapping loudly!! Love this post and it is so funny. Don’t fret, you have your own set of schmartz!

  2. Frankly, I like it when you are “wordy.”

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