cool drinks at a spanish cafe’

spanish cafe


That’s my mom. This photo is from my film days, and every time I come across it, it captures my imagination…which is funny because I happened to be there. I can remember it without having to imagine it. The photo seems to capture a moment more provocative than  it really was and I think that is why I pause to look into this image.

My brother and I had been backpacking all over Europe. After six weeks of sleeping on roof tops and night trains, hiking the shoes off our feet and hauling our world around on our backs…we were complete vagabonds. The camera was always in hand, though. And near the end of our old world trek, we met-up with my folks and some of their friends…somewhere in Spain. There is a good chance that this was shot around Grenada, but it could have been a hot Spanish afternoon in any number of small cities. Some shade and a cool drink provided a reprieve from the heat of the day. As I sat a couple of tables away, this odd moment unfolded and as was my habit…I raised my camera. It really is much ado about nothing, but I always look at it as…something.



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2 thoughts on “cool drinks at a spanish cafe’

  1. Interesting photo…I imagine Foreground lady telling your mom, “Don’t look now, but ome guy is staring holes in the back of your head.”

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